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This time realism for you a Mortal Shell guide where you can also explain how to use attributes and statistics to level up?

What are the stats and attributes in Mortal Shell?

While we do not find this game new we get the possibility of having 3 statistics and attributes which give us some specific benefits at the level of our character, and this is simply necessary for the attributes, then we can get the opportunity to use some shells or simply equip our character.

How to use attributes and statistics to level up in Mortal Shell?

Our work here allows us to have some attributes that can become interesting, so as they are incorporated we can update the guide for now, we will only describe the following:

Durability or HP

This allows us to recover our shell instead of our death, but we are free to choose what we consider necessary and useful, it is possible to increase it when we get some amount of shells in an open world, only this involves starting from the last control point, because it will be necessary to recover it at all costs because if we lose it, we will simply be weak and we will be able to see it easily since the bar is shown in red, which leads us to have to consume some items to replace our HP and heal ourselves.


Statistics usually rule in relation to attacks and damage suffered, therefore, while we are weak they will simply be very difficult to attack and we will only be able to dodge while we obtain our resistance, we will be able to recover, because this is easy to observe, as well as it is possible to observe the bar is red.
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      The resolution is simply a statistic that allows us to be able to repair some weapon skills, and this can present us with some specific variation, which is really very important since we can gain resolution to do more damage to our enemies and thus be able to get away with it.

      This is all we can contribute for now about How to use Attributes and Stats to level up since this guide may need to be updated later, just that at this time there is no need to say in Mortal Shell, we will only wait a little more.

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    18 August 2020

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