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Lidia Rozo
2020-07-10 18:01:31

More about: Mortal Shell

Today we are going to talk about Mortal Shell and the possibility of knowing how to save your game.

What does Mortal Shell bring to us?

The truth is that in case the beta is being extremely moved and the action does not stop, which is quite good because this means that this game has an impressive receptivity but in this sense it is usually necessary to know how to save your game, since that when we progress the normal thing is to keep everything we have done and not have to return from the beginning, as well as do not give yourself a bad life because here we have solved all this.

How to save your game in Mortal Shell?

Saving the game in a simple way allows you to carry out a control over everything you have achieved and this is very simple because you can know how much progress has been made, but here we need to be very honest because you are lovers of manual saving easily It is not for you, since it is only possible to have automatic saving which is good in a way because it saves constantly without warnings but does not allow us to leave when we consider it necessary.
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To know this automatic saving without having to leave Mortal Shell it is necessary to press ESC and go directly to the menu where it will be vital to select Exit to the main menu, and this can allow us to return to the game screen, because here you can indicate that the game has ended by this day and the autosave is activated, it is also necessary to understand that the game is saved in certain specific sectors and this can be complex because if you die it will take you to the last control point where it is stored, therefore knowing how to save your game can become honestly an important tool.

Autosave can be activated sometimes when traveling to other areas in Mortal Shell, as this allows us to save because it can get there to a checkpoint, this simply allows us to see a loading screen where it is possible to move to get progress has finally been saved.

This is a game in which we probably all spend a long time due to the content is extensive, if the beta shows us a good amount, this means that it will not be a game that keeps us busy for a while and that's it. It is possible that these types of games make them last a long time, especially since it can get a bit brutal, where the fight is constant and the only idea is not knowing how to save the game easily, it can be frustrating, because there is nothing more tedious than restarting a game that already had some progress.

In general terms, knowing how to save your game allows you to understand that autosave is a simple and attractive way that we can easily handle and that Mortal Shell has incorporated so that we can use it correctly.

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Action role-playing RPG
Cold Symmetry
Unreal Engine 4
Release date:
18 August 2020

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