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For everyone wondering how to get the Clarkson elevator key at Deadly Premonition 2, our article is for you.

What is Deadly Premonition 2 about?

This is the sequel to the open world survival horror video game developed by Access Games and that they developed premiered in February 2010, while the sequel was just released today June 10 for Nintendo Swich users.

As you investigate cold storage in the Clarkson building, Food Delivery Services will keep an elevator key to allow you to go down to the lower levels and it will be valuable to know how.

How to get the elevator key at Clarkson at Deadly Premonition 2?

The first thing you have to do when you get to the elevator is to turn around so you can see all the expensive things you have to move on the right side. For this we must complete a maze of shelves, with many more cars to move and advance.
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The first car you will have to push it to the stop, then move to the car that is on the right.

Push that car forward, turn left, and push the next car forward too. Next you will see a car directly to your right which you will have to push two steps forward and squeeze it between it and the next car and push it back.

The expensive one that has just been exposed will have to be moved backwards, bending down to cross the space on the shelves. Turn left and pull the next car as far as you can and release it and push it toward the wall.

Proceed until you reach a break room with a sleeping staff member who will also have an elevator key.

You can use the cart near the shelves to the left of the door when you go out to quickly return. Go under the shelves and then walk along the wall to return to the elevator.

 This is how we finished this guide on how to get the elevator key in Clarkson in Deadly Premonition 2, we hope that now that you have everything you need, you will be able to complete this maze and obtain the key to be able to continue advancing quickly.

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