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Knowing How to Fix Crashing when Launch is a necessary activity in Mortal Shell and here we will explain it to you.

What is Mortal Shell about?

 The first thing you need to understand is that it is an extremely busy game, where we are offered the opportunity to be ruthless, although it has not yet been released because this will happen in the last quarter of the year, we already have a beta where we can enjoy all the action that this game brings, but in the same way we get errors, so it is necessary to know How to Fix Crashing when Launch since this becomes quite uncomfortable.

 Sometimes games can present errors such as black screen, launch problems, in short due to some patch corrections, because obviously this is not a big deal, since getting errors in games lately has been normal and Mortal Shell seems not to be out of it, only that specifically the most prone to these failures seem to be PC games, however, there is no reason to be alarmed since here we will tell you How to Fix Crashing when Launch, because everything in this life has a solution and the errors with more reason.

What are the requirements to play Mortal Shell on PC?

 The idea is to enjoy this game to the fullest, because the opponents do not know the mercy therefore they are not going to have it with us and obviously we do not have to have it with them, this means that it will be necessary to be properly prepared to face what comes since our ability is to stay alive, being necessary to know How to Fix Crashing when Launch, based on some important recommendations such as:
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    Minimum requirements to play Mortal Shell.

    •  Have Windows 7 SP1 or higher as a 64-bit operating system.
    • Have Intel Core i5-4590 Processor or AMD FX 8350.
    • Have an Nvidia GTX 970 or AMD Radeon R9 290 graphics card.
    • It requires a storage space of at least about 40 GB.
    • Have at least 8 GB of RAM.


     Recommended requirements to play Mortal Shell.

    •  Have Windows 10 64-bit as the operating system without exception.
    • Have Intel Core i7 or AMD Ryzen 7 as a processor.
    • Have an Nvidia GTX 1070 or MAD Radeon RX Vega 56 graphics card.
    • Have at least 40 GB of storage space.
    • Have at least 16 GB of RAM.


     How to Fix Crashing when Launch in Mortal Shell?

     It is important to keep in mind that there are several solutions and we can adapt the one we need, because for everyone it is not always the same, but we can start by starting with one of them, among the solutions we can highlight the need to update Windows or graphics cards To mention a few, the important thing is to give the necessary use to these solutions since this allows you to play with ease.

     The need to update graphics drivers.

     Our work to know How to Fix Crashing when Launch leads us to seriously consider an extremely vital resource for this game and the graphic drivers are essential, for this it is only necessary to update them whatever it is that we are using, since both Nvidia and AMD require update, for this it is important to visit the official website.

    The possibility of adjusting the configuration of the graphics card.

    There is the possibility of making some adjustment on the graphics card, as this can be useful when it comes to knowing How to Fix Crashing when Launch and this is done as follows:

    In the particular case of Nvidia it is necessary to adjust the configuration panel and for this it is necessary:


    •  It is required to adjust the image settings by placing it as a preview in 3D settings.
    • Then you need to use advanced 3D settings.
    • Then we start the Nvidia control panel and go to Manage 3D settings to go global settings.


     This lends itself to making other changes such as turning off image sharpness, as well as enabling thread optimization and making the most of power management performance, and turning off low latency mode and then setting texture filtering quality. in performance mode.

    In the case of AMD configuration change it is necessary:


    •  Go to Global Graphics and from there turn off the Radeon Anti-lag.
    • Then we proceed to turn off the Radeon Boost and use the application settings for antialiasing mode.
    • Next we place the antialiasing method in multisampling.
    • Then we turn off the morphological filtering and deactivate the sharpness of the image.
    • Next we turn off the anisotropic filter and use performance mode for the quality of the texture filtering.
    • We can enable optimization of the surface format to achieve AMD optimization for tiling mode.
    • Then we wait for V-sync and proceed to turn it off, for this we use AMD optimization for Shader Cache.
    • Then we deactivate the triple buffer of OpenGL, proceed to turn off the maximum level of tessellation and set the graphics for the GPU workload.
    • Finally we turn off Radeon Chill and proceed to deactivate the frame rate control of the target.

    Make adjustments to the discord settings.

    The changes on some occasions turn out to be necessary to avoid some failures and particularly this is usually done to know How to Fix Crashing when Launch, because despite having other alternatives raised above, it is likely that this may be your solution and this is done in this way. mode:


    •  It is first necessary to launch Discordia and from there click on User Configuration.
    • Then we must select Voice and Video in the bar on the left side and then proceed to move down and click the Advanced button.
    • Then it will be necessary to disable the OpenH264 video codec.
    • Then we deactivate the option Enable Quality of Service High Packet Priority.
    • We go to Overlay to disable it in-game.
    • Next we go to Appearance and from there to Advanced in order to disable Hardware Acceleration to finally proceed to restart the system and thus be able to run Mortal Shell.


    You can configure the default CPU and graphics speed.

     Our work to know how to fix the block when it starts has allowed us to walk through a few alternatives to solve this error in Mortal Shell that is already giving us headaches, because this is not strange because there is the possibility that many games they necessarily require a high performance of CPU and GPU, as this can bring us some considerable delays and drops, for this it is only necessary to put it in default mode, although the Zotac Firestorm application is also viable since this usually tends to reduce the clock speed and with it gives us more possibility to be able to execute this game.


    The option to uninstall the latest Windows 10 update.

     Normally Windows has updates, since it is already normal in operating systems and this is a task that may be necessary when it comes to knowing How to Fix Crashing when Launch, but sometimes and for some games this simply tends to cause some errors, in fact Mortal Shell has not been saved from it and it is required to uninstall the update with KB4535996, this is done like this:


    •  It is necessary to go to the beginning and proceed to click on Configuration.
    • Then it is required to go to Update and Security where we will see the update KB4535996 that appears installed.
    • Then we must uninstall it, for this it is necessary to see the option Uninstall updates at the top of the page, we only have to click on this update with the right mouse button and proceed to select Uninstall.
    • The uninstallation process usually takes some time, so we will have patience and wait a bit while this process ends and then the PC restarts.

     We hope that with this you already know How to Fix Crashing when Launch, since they are simple but useful solutions to enjoy Mortal Shell

    Microsoft Windows PC, PlayStation 4 PS4, Xbox One
    Action role-playing RPG
    Cold Symmetry
    Unreal Engine 4
    Release date:
    18 August 2020

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