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The activities in Monster Hunter Rise occupy us enough and therefore it is convenient to tell you Where to find Icium, let's see.

What is the Icium in Monster Hunter Rise?

This is just one of the resources with which we get in this game, for this it is necessary to mobilize a little, because we have the advantage of obtaining some amount of resources, because this has the advantage of being visible in a way that quite comfortable due to its particular white color, this makes it somewhat less complex due to its particular coloration, since Icium is simply a necessary resource at the beginning of the game because it serves to make some improvements to our weapons.
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Where to find Icium in Monster Hunter Rise?

Fortunately there are many interesting resources with which we usually get in this game, Icium is one of them and to look for it it is necessary to embark on a trip to the "Frost Islands", it is a search that is usually done at the beginning, it is only vital to understand that It is necessary to extract these resources from some deposits that are usually perfectly well distributed throughout the islands, it is only necessary to clarify that these are usually obtained in a somewhat difficult place, however here we leave you a little more detailed their respective location:

The Frost Islands usually have two levels to cross and it is there where we get this resource, they usually occur in this way:

  • Superior Level: Here we get some common enough deposits and materials, in this sense it is necessary to focus on the white dots to extract the Icium, as there are some blue dots, but these rarely drop Icium.
  • Underground Level: here we also get some amount of Icium, as there are three outcrops from which this valuable resource is extracted.

 Now that you know Where to Find Icium, it's time to start this quest and equip yourself with improvements to Monster Hunter Rise.

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