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2021-03-29 08:18:39

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We are still talking about Monster Hunter Rise which allows us to tell you how to Hydro Hide.

What is Hydro Hide in Monster Hunter Rise?

This is a type of protective skin that we must get in this game and its purpose is to be usable in the manufacture of resistant armor, for our good fortune it is a resource that has a high drop rate, we can get it from some monsters and fortunately here are many.
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How to find Hydro Hide in Monster Hunter Rise?

This type of resources is usually obtained from some monsters that are usually located in the region of the "Flooded Forest", specifically we can focus on the "Ludroth", as this is a monster that we must hunt, these usually go in packs of approximately three, which he makes us take care of ending the normal Ludroth and then take care of the smaller ones, fortunately the forest has some quantity of these creatures.

Going on this search for hydropiel leads us to consider:


  •   Eliminating as many Ludroth as possible is the best task to do.
  • It is possible to count on the hydroshield as a type of sculpture reward that falls with more chance.
  • Regions 4, 5, 7, 8,9 are the most favorable for this search.

  Definitely, knowing how to find Hydro Hide takes us into an interesting and much-needed search in Monster Hunter Rise, give it a try.

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