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We invite you to discover How to block creatures, a new task in Monster Hunter Rise.

What to know about the blocking in Monster Hunter Rise?

  With the arrival of the most modern game in the series, we have to present the situation of two styles of play, which also affects the mechanics that we will come across, in the case of blocking it turns out not to be as advanced as in the delivery de World, however it brings with it a couple of interesting variants that we can choose from, now to have an idea about How to block creatures, our attention is required to the following explanatory content that this guide presents, let's see the details.

How to block creatures in Monster Hunter Rise?

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    As we progress, we will face endless creatures, they are certainly not easy to defeat, so we must be prepared to eliminate them in any way, being appropriate to know how to block the creatures, now through the pause menu We have access to the settings options, we will look for the objective camera in this menu, through the camera style option, it is possible to configure the camera approaches, with which we can automatically center the creature to the that we have pointed out, considering the option of not focusing any objective, only that it will not help our purposes in Monster Hunter Rise, the matter is to make the choice between the objective or camera focus, being necessary that we first find the monster, taking into account count the right stick to notice in the upper right part of the screen to highlight one of the boxes that has a question mark, which will allow us to find the monsters, while being in full combat this option can be very useful.

     In the direction of the monster with which we are fighting we must press the right stick, taking into account that this only works with those of large sizes, now having the chosen focus camera it remains on the monster, no matter where we move in Monster Hunter Rise, which becomes an interesting support for those of us who are newbies, but there is an option with greater precision, which consists of aiming for the camera fixation by pressing the right stick and then with the L you will center the camera directly on the monster during each time we press it, something that will give us an advantage despite being in front of many enemies to choose one by one that we will face from the monsters, no matter what we do about How to block the creatures we have a great support in this mechanic, but it is ideal to take into account the situations where escape is sometimes necessary.

     Knowing how to block creatures is interesting, because it allows us to have a better performance and fun in the confrontations that are presented to us in Monster Hunter Rise.

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