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With our Story of Seasons Pioneers of Olive Town guide you will learn more about all the marriage options, let's see.

What to know about Story of Seasons Pioneers of Olive Town?

  In this edition, marriage between people of the same sex is possible, where a total of 5 women and 5 men are presented among the available options, something to keep in mind is how easy it is to reach a romance, however we have to understand what all the marriage options are, for which precise details of these will be discussed in the content that follows, let's see what we find in this regard.

What are all the marriage options in Story of Seasons Pioneers of Olive Town?

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  • The women: the 5 women that are available are Blaire, Bridget, Laura, Linh and Reina, with whom we can meet first is Laura, who works as a tourist guide, the olives, tuna and bouquet perfume are be his favorite gifts, on the farm we can find sunflowers, in Blaire's case we have his biggest dream is to be a star, he likes everything that has to do with gems, but also the salad and he, in the case We have Bridget working in the pet store, here there are dogs, cats and other farm animals that can be bought, it should be noted that of all the marriage options it is the easiest to please with gifts, for Linh You have to know that he works in the florist with his grandfather, he likes magicians and their products, tulips, sunflowers and roses, ideal because we can have them on our farm, the last option, Reina will turn out to be the biggest challenge or on gifts, those that are considered simple are cherries, almonds, Rubies and floral perfumes, he also likes lemons, bouquet perfumes and locket in Story of Seasons Pioneers of Olive Town.

  • The men: the options for these are Jack who vice at the general store and turns out to be the brother of the girl Cindy, he likes coffee, pumpkin, ramen and big bears, we have Ralph who works as a ranger, he likes him The yellow pottage, something simple to make and bread, is on this list for Lori, who is living in a Japanese-style house north of Olive Town with Dosetsu, she likes rice, grilled fish, Matsutake, Shiitake mushrooms, red sauce and rice balls, in Emilio's case, he is a character who is a fisherman and therefore likes gifts related to this, such as grilled fish and soup seafood, additionally he likes watermelon, to finish the options we have Damon, who is Bridget's brother, suffers from cold, but coffee keeps him lively, gems such as ruby, opal or red beryllium are very popular for this one.

 In conclusion, knowing what all the marriage options are is excellent, because it allows us to advance further in this interesting and moving Story of Seasons Pioneers of Olive Town.

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