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Lidia Rozo
2021-04-09 14:02:54

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We continue to search Monster Hunter Rise, so we are going to tell you how to find the rhinoceros king.

Who is the rhino king in Monster Hunter Rise?

This is just one of the vital materials to be able to work on the “Argosy Economic Stimulation” mission. It is not an easy task to locate it, but it has considerable importance because it allows us to choose to unlock the third submarine.

How to find the rhino king in Monster Hunter Rise?

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  • It is necessary to embark on a search through the Flooded Forest, because here we manage to go to the pyramid, it is vital to choose to look for the front part.
  • Then we proceed to climb the stairs to reach the top, although there is the possibility of using the "Great Wire Insect".
  • Once at the top it is possible to use our Wirebug, an additional one can be obtained at the base of the pyramid, as this allows us to climb higher in the pyramid.
  • When we reach the top we realize that there is a secret room, but it is blocked with debris, it is necessary to reach it because there is the rhinoceros king inside.
  • To access the room it is necessary to use some bomb barrels and choose to place them in front of the blocked entrance, then we withdraw enough from the explosion.
  • Once the entrance is clear we access, and we will see the rhinoceros king waiting to be captured, except he is not necessarily usually there, it is possible not to find him.

Definitely, knowing, How to find the rhinoceros king allows us to carry out a long and interesting search through Monster Hunter Rise.

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