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We are still searching for It Takes Two and this allows us to tell you where to find the A Way Out Easter egg.

What is the A Way Out Easter Egg in It Takes Two?

This is another of the many mini-games that we get here, because as we progress we are given some fun activities that will make us spend some time, in this sense, knowing Where to find the A Way Out Easter egg allows us to embark on a number of activities of interest in order to progress in this game in an entertaining way.

Where to find the A Way Out Easter Egg in It Takes Two?

This is a task that can only be done after escaping from the militant squirrels that are inhabiting the tree house, it is necessary to take control of Cody and May after entering Rose's bedroom:
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  • To start this search we must start in the pillow fortress.
  • Once located in the place it is necessary to go through the series of platform puzzles in order to reach the daughter.
  • Next we access a place where the minigame called "Tank Busters" is usually located.
  • To play it is necessary to follow the power cables that will take us through the fort until we go to the narrow corridor that is full of pillows.
  • When moving along the right side of the corridor we will have to choose to climb through some pillows to proceed to jump through a gap in order to reach the opposite side.
  • Next we must jump to another gap with the possibility of accessing a hidden entrance that leads to a secret entrance.
  • Once inside we will see Vincent and Leo from A Wat Out, in addition to the figures of Cody and May, it is only necessary to activate all the figures for which it will only be enough to hit and jump simultaneously the button that is usually located in front of each figure.
  • Next we will see that Leo has to threaten Vincent in relation to the betrayal of Leo where it is revealed that this was an undercover officer at the end of A Way Out.
  • Then, when it is discovered that they are only dolls, Leo starts a fight, but does not achieve any success because it continues on the platforms.
  • Once the dialogue between Leo and Vincent has finished we get the achievement "Breaking the plastic prison".

This is all we can tell you about Where to find the A Way Out Easter egg, as it is necessary to embark on a search activity that we will only find in It Takes Two.

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