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The action in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak doesn't stop, which leads us to tell you all of Hornetaur's item drops and percentages.

What to know about Hornetaur items in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak?

  It is a beetle that is seen in the jungle of hard monsters and wildlife, in this location we can access many things, seeking to be aware of all the drops and percentages of Hornetaur items we must take into account a set of indications that this guide brings then let's see.

What are all of the Hornetaur item drops and percentages in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak?

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Through the Buggin Out mission we have the option to cultivate these creatures properly, here the map will be automatically marked, which allows us to detect them to marry them easily, it is opportune to repeat this mission to add as many resources as possible , the materials that can be carved from this Hornetaur are the following:


  •  With a 40 percent chance of carving we have the Hornetaur Cortex.
  • At 32 carving chance is the Hornetaur Razorwing.
  • At 18 percent chance is Monster Essence.
  • With a 10 percent chance we have the Hornetaur Head


 The use of these materials will help us for an armor game, with great resistance to dragons and attack power that is added additionally, they will also help us in the creation of a long sword, the Black Katana Mk 1, at Regarding this, it does not have inherent elemental affinity, being suitable to go after any targets, in addition to this it has an additional affinity percentage, thereby causing critical damage with greater opportunity.

 In this way we finish our Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak guide, now you know what are all the drops and percentages of Hornetaur items, just enjoy it to the fullest.

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