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2022-07-06 08:49:21

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Raft has interesting tasks for us and that is why today we will tell you how to make the electric zipline.

What is the electric zipline in Raft?

  This is a very useful tool that is usually necessary to get in this game, only that to achieve it it is vital to work hard, in this sense, to know how to make the electric zipline, it is vital to progress a lot until we get the necessary elements that allow us to get involved in this manufacturing process and thus make a machine that allows us to use it to finish the game.

How to make the electric zipline in Raft?

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One of the things that we must consider is that most of the machine elements here can be manufactured, so it is necessary to get the respective blueprint to be able to unlock the element, by getting the electric zipline blueprint we can take it to the table research and thus unlock the item.

 It is necessary to take into account that the blueprint can only be found on the last island of Raft, Utopia, this usually happens after having met Olaf the first time, so getting the blueprint requires taking a look in the room from where Olaf used to be dropping bombs.

To know how to make the electric zipline on the raft we must have unlocked the electric zipline on the research table, here we will see that we get some items and in this case proceeding to make it requires:

  • 1 Circuit Board – These can be achieved by crafting 2 Copper Ingots 1 Vine Goo 5 Plastics.
  • 2 titanium ingots: to get them we will have to go to Tangaroa Island and run a search in the briefcases of the buildings in the area, these briefcases throw the ore, this could be a somewhat complex process and that spends time, but at get him we can use the foundry to make the ingot.
  •  6 scraps: these are usually obtained in the floating barrels.

Now that you know how to craft the electric zipline you can get involved in this crafting task that can only be done in Raft.

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