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Lidia Rozo
2022-09-22 16:59:32

More about: Modern Warfare 2

As we progress in a game there are various actions to execute, let's see How to report players in Modern Warfare 2.

Why report players in Modern Warfare 2?

  Sometimes there are players who are usually cheating and this makes it necessary to take care of reporting them, we are allowed to take care of reporting to take the necessary measures, this is usually done promptly, this in order to prevent these hackers from continuing to hinder the game once this has been released.

How to report players in Modern Warfare 2?

  We must log in and enter the social tab in the case of:
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  • PC we click on the Social tab.
  • Xbox allows you to use the Y button to open the Social tab.
  • PS we use the Triangle button to enter the Social tab.


  We must take care of navigating to the right and entering the Recent Players section, in the list we must select Players with whom we have recently played and report on COD MW2, we only have to navigate to the player and select:


  •   PC - Just click on the player's name.
  • Xbox: Press the A button to select the player.
  • PlayStation: Press the X button to select the player.


  We scroll down and click the Report Player option to select the most relevant reason, such as exploitation, cheating, offensive content, etc. and ready.

  Now that you know how to report players in Modern Warfare 2, it's time to apply this mechanic and thus get rid of the players that may be causing problems.

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