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One of the standout features of the Lockpick Operator is her distinct appearance. She sports a black and orange helmet/mask that covers her face, which adds an element of mystery and intrigue. Her jumpsuit is camouflaged with a blue topography pattern, making her easily recognizable on the battlefield.

Having a unique appearance not only adds a visual appeal but also gives you an advantage in multiplayer matches. With the Lockpick Operator, you can stand out from the crowd and make a statement as you navigate the intense warfare in Modern Warfare 3.

Possible Melee Weapon Blueprint

As part of the Lockpick Operator Pack, players may receive a blue combat knife that could be included as a Melee Weapon Blueprint. Weapon Blueprints offer players unique customization options, allowing them to modify their loadouts to suit their playstyle.

The inclusion of a Melee Weapon Blueprint adds an exciting dimension to the Lockpick Operator Pack. It gives players the opportunity to wield a unique combat knife and use it as a deadly weapon in close-quarters combat.

Similarities to Oni Operator from MW2

Fans of Modern Warfare 2 will be delighted to know that the Lockpick Operator Pack is expected to feature similar features and abilities as the beloved Oni Operator. The Oni Operator was known for his stealth and agility, making him a popular choice among players in the previous game.

If you enjoyed playing as the Oni Operator in Modern Warfare 2, then the Lockpick Operator Pack is definitely something to look forward to. You can expect similar gameplay mechanics and abilities, allowing you to seamlessly transition into the role of the Lockpick Operator.

Unlocking the Lockpick Operator Pack for free in Modern Warfare 3 is an opportunity PlayStation players should not miss. By pre-ordering the game digitally on the PlayStation Store, you can secure your copy of the game and gain access to this exclusive character with her unique appearance and possible Melee Weapon Blueprint. The Lockpick Operator is a visually striking character that will set you apart from other players on the battlefield. With her distinct appearance and potential abilities, she offers a fresh and exciting gameplay experience. So, don't hesitate! Pre-order Modern Warfare 3 on the PlayStation Store and get ready to embark on thrilling missions as the Lockpick Operator. Enhance your gameplay and dominate the battlefield with this exciting new addition to the game.

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