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Lidia Rozo
2022-09-22 16:34:40

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We embarked on a search to indicate you. Where to find Remy’s Recipe Books in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

What is the point of finding Remy's cookbooks in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

Having the opportunity to cook, even when no one knows how to cook like Remy, it should be noted that this book can be useful, so that the necessary knowledge arises. Where to find Remy's cookbooks in Disney Dreamlight Valley so it's important to embark on a quest because The Forgotten has forgotten some favorite recipes and needs help remembering them luckily he took it upon himself to write them down in a few books only this He doesn't know where they are and that's where we come in to work.

Where to find Remy’s Recipe Books in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

Before launching into this search process we must have unlocked Remy and taken him to the valley to open the restaurant where we must take care of working hard to raise the friendship level, this makes it necessary to take care of reaching level 4, during this time we managed to unlock a mission that is called Remy's Recipe Book and in this way we will get a memory that will reveal a total of 3 images, these allow us to locate ourselves in an excavation site where the book we are looking for will normally be located.

Knowing where to find Remy’s Recipe Books in Disney Dreamlight Valley involves locating:
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Book 1: this is usually in the peaceful valley, we just have to avoid having moved any object from the place, next to the ladder we can see the excavation site, we just have to take care of going up from Dazle Beach.+
    Book 2:
We continue the search and in this case we must move to the Mystic Cave, the area where we have solved some riddles that lead us to the Orb of power, in this case we must go to the cave where the kitchen puzzle is housed and we will see that next to the cooking station sele protrude the book.
    Book 3:
this is the last one and to get it, it is necessary to move to Dazzle Beach, specifically, in the part of the beach where we will see a kind of bridge that is actually a pier, in the sand we will see the excavation site.

Once we have the 3 books that we must take to Remy.

This is all you need to know about Where to find Remy's recipe books in Disney Dreamlight Valley, it will only be enough to embark on this search and thus continue to progress in this game.

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