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Today we bring you an explanatory guide on How to get ominous bottles in Minecraft Tricky Trials.

Minecraft offers you incredible elements that will make your experience in the game more exciting and fun. Despite this, there are some objects that, rather than helping you, will make your life much more difficult and that is the case of the sinister bottles.

However, if you are prepared, these can be very helpful in making you richer, which is why today we explain how you can use them to trigger rewarding events.

How to get sinister bottles in Minecraft

You should know that there are two ways you can get them, but both mean getting your hands a little dirty, so you should be prepared for this.

One of the ways is by killing raid captains, which while, before the Tricky Trails update, killing an Illager with a Sinister Flag would give you a Bad Omen status effect, now all these bad vibes have been condensed in the sinister bottle that will be thrown.

You'll need to keep an eye out, as these raid groups will appear periodically. It can be day or night, but they will always occur with some frequency while traveling or staying in the same place. Keep in mind that these will have crossbows on hand, so you will need to have an adequate shield when facing them. .

If this way doesn't convince you at all, don't worry, since there is another way you can get the sinister bottles and that is by finding them in the test chambers through chests and vaults.

Screenshot: PC Invasion

These chests and vaults are located in the test chambers and in order to open them you will need a mysterious test key. Please note that when clearing the room in a test chamber, there may be a chance that the generator will drop a mysterious test key. You'll want to use it in the vaults so you can have a slight chance of getting a Sinister Bottle along with other loot.

It is important that you know that finding these bottles by assassinating the raid captains is much easier and more numerous than diving for them in the test chambers, however, it is always important to have two ways to obtain them so that you have the opportunity to choose .

Now, you have the sinister bottle in your possession, but what should you do with it? We explain it to you below.

How to use sinister bottle in Minecraft

Although the sinister bottle is a replacement method to obtain Bad Omen, its status effect can trigger two events when you enter specific structures, which can be extremely convenient.

Screenshot: PC Invasion

The Bad Omen effect can now be used to trigger villager raids on villages and to turn a test chamber into a sinister test chamber.

This will cause, upon entering a test chamber, the Bad Omen effect to become Trial Omen and this in turn will trigger the sinister trial.

Keep in mind that the raids on the villages will be the same as always, but the sinister bottles will give us a more controlled way to activate it. On the other hand, sinister judgments are something completely different and should not be confused.

Ominous trials in Minecraft

When the time comes to use a Sinister Bottle to turn a Test Chamber into a Sinister Test Chamber, you will have a really difficult time, as the mobs that will appear will be much more complex and will carry both armor and upgraded weapons and these at their disposal. Maybe they will have generators that will shoot projectiles and potions at you, something really chilling.

Screenshot: PC Invasion

What was explained above tells us that you will need to be well equipped and armed for any encounter that this challenging test throws at you.

While all of this may sound quite complex, once you receive the reward of the sinister trial key, which you can use to open the sinister vault, you will realize that it was all worth it, since the sinister vaults are much more rewarding than their counterparts, plus it's the only way you can use the incredible heavy core to make dough.

How to get ominous bottles in Minecraft Tricky Trials

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1. Vault Raiding:

  • Locate the new Trial Chambers, large copper structures scattered throughout the world.
  • Successfully navigate these chambers and defeat the guardians within to access the Vault.
  • Ominous Bottles have a chance of being part of the Vault's loot pool, although the drop rate is uncommon.

2. Defeating Raid Captains:

  • Engage and defeat Raid Captains, the powerful illagers that lead Pillager raids.
  • When victorious outside a village raid, Raid Captains have a chance to drop Ominous Bottles. 

Utilizing Ominous Bottles:

Consuming an Ominous Bottle inflicts the "Bad Omen" status effect. While traditionally used to trigger a village raid, in Tricky Trials, it activates an **Ominous Trial**. This significantly increases the difficulty within the Trial Chamber you're currently in. Expect:

  • Enhanced enemy strength and resilience.
  • Increased spawn rates of hostile mobs.
  • Potentially more waves of enemies to overcome.

Ominous Bottle Variations:

Five Ominous Bottle variants exist, corresponding to different Bad Omen effect durations. However, current observations suggest all bottle types trigger a 15-minute Ominous Trial, regardless of level. This may be a temporary functionality awaiting future updates.

This is everything you need to know about How to get ominous bottles in Minecraft Tricky Trials, following this guide it will surely be easier for you to get this incredible element that will be very useful when you immerse yourself in the adventures that the world of Minecraft Presents you.

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