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Today we bring an interesting guide where we will explain how to build a basic farm in Minecraft.

What is the point of building a basic farm in Minecraft?

 As we get into this game, we are presented with many activities to perform, so it becomes important to know how to build a basic farm in Minecraft, this is part of the actions necessary to live, here there are various activities to perform in which we can develop, such is the case of agriculture, as we progress we will require more health and this makes it necessary to have more food.

 Knowing how to build a basic farm in Minecraft makes it necessary to consider having various ways of:


  •  Collect food.
  • Cook.
  • Crafts.
  • Cultivate.


 In this task of building the farm it is necessary to take into account that there are some basic elements in agriculture, we are talking not only about vegetables, but about other resources that can be harvested, fruits, for example, mushrooms, bamboo, etc., by embarking on this process we gain access to certain edible resources that allow us to have vitality and thus build by exploring.

How to build a basic farm in Minecraft?

 It is good to know that we require:
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  • Proper equipment.
  • Good ubication.
  • Patience.


 It is necessary to take into account that embarking on this agricultural process makes it necessary to have resources such as water that are usually vital to be able to make plants grow, the environment must be considered, this taking into account that there are crops that require darkness , such is the case of mushrooms, water is necessary for all the crops that we want to have on our farm and why not seeds that allow us to get fast and pleasant crops.

It is good to start with crops of wheat, carrots and potatoes, but this is not all to know How to build a basic farm in Minecraft, it is vital to have some tools, fortunately in this game we have several, in fact, we leave you a list of materials and tools that can favor us in the construction of the farm and are:


  •  Shovel which is a tool used to excavate earth, sand and other blocks.
  • Hoe which is a tool used to till blocks of grass and earth on farmland.
  • Nearby this is nothing more than a wooden barrier block that usually acts as a separator much like a wall.
  • Fence Gate This is another resource and it is nothing more than a wooden gate similar to a fence that can be opened or closed.
  • Torch this is a non-solid block that gives us light in an area around it.
  • Slab This is another resource that usually works like a slab is half of a whole block.
  • Water Bucket This is just bucket filled with water.
  • Seeds these are nothing more than the main crop resource used to plant crops for agriculture.
  • Bone meal This is a material that acts as a fertilizer to speed up plant growth.


 In this task, to know how to build a basic farm in Minecraft, it is necessary to consider certain aspects of interest:

 The location of the farm:
we must bear in mind that these must be located in a place that is large and that can be adapted to crops, it is possible to take care of cutting down some trees, the plains biome can be an excellent option.

Execute excavations: this is another of the necessary tasks to know how to build a basic farm in Minecraft and in this case we must take care of using a shovel and digging in a straight line, by doing so we get the necessary space so that it can serve as a source of water, this makes it necessary to leave a space in a block between each line to be able to plant crops.

Having water:
this is another necessary resource that we must use in this process of building the farm, it is important to have a bucket that is full of water and that it can be still.

Make use of the Hoe
: we continue with the necessary resources for the farm and it is that with this we manage to till the soil, this is a job that must be done parallel to the water, we must not use jumping because if we do so we will get the lands can become ground block.

Make use of optional slabs: this is another of the resources that can be used and that allows us to cultivate more easily, we must take care to cover the upper part with a slab and point to the upper half of a block and ensure that the water can flow under the slab while keeping the soil hydrated.

Fences: we must take care of surrounding the farm with this resource, these allow you to protect yourself and keep hostile mobs away, it is ideal to place them on the fence of the entrance.

Seeds: This is the most important resource that we have in this game to get to know CAomo and it is that we are allowed to use various seeds, such is the case of wheat, pumpkin and melon seeds.

 Bone meal: this resource is ideal for crops and allows them to grow, we have the ability to make a total of three bone meals, for this we will place a bone in the center of the grid that implies 3x3 on the manufacturing table .

Torches: we must take care of lighting the farms with torches, these are elements that usually offer us a good amount of light, this prevents hostiles from getting close, we can place as many torches as possible, it is feasible to replace the torches with flashlights.

 We can conclude this guide on How to build a basic farm in Minecraft, so all you have to do is follow these instructions and that's it.

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