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Guide to learn how to get a vegetable garden in Minecraft

  Making a vegetable garden is something extremely necessary to be able to harvest the future foods that we will require to survive in the game, this being a great variety of the same that you can grow. For example: pumpkins, potatoes, carrots, wheat, and watermelons are the most recurring in the game.

The good thing about the vegetable garden in Minecraft is that you can easily do it next to your house to monitor how the plantation is going. You will have to create all the tools that you are going to need for this field work and once you have everything ready you can begin to know how to get a vegetable garden thanks to this guide.
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    How to get a vegetable garden in Minecraft?

    To make a vegetable garden you need a bucket, a hoe and quite a few fences. Making fences is very easy, you only need wooden sticks and blocks of the same material.

    To create the cube, you need three iron ingots.

    Finally, for the hoe you need two wooden sticks and two blocks of wood or another material that can be stone, gold or iron ingots.

    Once you have these three things, you can start vegetable garden. First of all, you need to use the hoe to plow the soil. You must plow the grass to be able to work the grass. Once you have plowed the land where you are going to cultivate it is highly recommended to put fences around to delimit the area.

    Once the ground is clear and the fences are up, it is time to plant the seeds. Which seeds to plant is up to you. By the way, in the center of the vegetable garden you have to leave a block or several with water, hence you need a bucket. The water in this block is used to water the vegetable garden. And this would be it. As you can see, it is not difficult to make a vegetable garden, as long as you have everything you need.

     Now that you know how to get a vegetable garden in Minecraft you can grow your own food and even prepare special meals. Luck!

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