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Minecraft: How to craft terracotta

2020-07-23 08:56:52

We hope you are prepared, because in this article we are going to tell you how to craft terracotta in Minecraft.

What is terracotta in Minecraft?

Better known as hardened clay or clay block is one of the many blocks blocks that players can find in the game. Of decorative type, the block has the ability to take colors depending on the tint we apply to it and in case the basic block can be found in red, white, yellow, brown, orange and light gray.

How to craft terracotta in Minecraft?

If you want to obtain this type of block, you will have to look for it in swamps, rivers and shallow waters, often being where there is sand, you will simply have to dig until you find clay fragments which you will collect from four to form the terracotta block, the which then we have to cook in the oven.

Now that you know how to craft terracotta, you will wonder how to dye it. To do the first thing you have to do is collect at least eight blocks of clay and the dye of your choice. Once you have the necessary ingredients we will have to go to the closest creation table, where we will have to place the dye in the center and the eight clay blocks around it. You must take into account that after the first tinting you will not be able to have them again.

If you want to re-bake the terracotta you can do it again, this will allow you to obtain unique glazed blocks.

This has been our guide on how to craft terracotta in Minecraft, we hope that we can have the most useful possible and you have managed to understand the terracotta manufacturing process well so that now you give a home with an interesting touch of color.

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18 November 2011
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