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Minecraft: How to tame Pandas

2020-05-07 08:07:24

Quick guide to learn How to tame Pandas in Minecraft

These amazing and cute animals can also be found in the world of Minecraft. These large creatures can be found wandering within the jungles. They are generally next to their favorite food, bamboo and that is the key to their domestication.

How to tame Pandas in Minecraft?

This is a fairly easy process, but it could take more work with these lazy beasts. Basically, just keep feeding them with bamboo until the hearts appear above your head and bring them closer to each other.

In the case of pandas this is not just about kicking off the excitement of the heart. You actually have to manually zoom them in and be careful they don't get too attached to you. So when you give them the bamboo you have to stay away from them.

This is because later they will feel attracted to you and domestication will become more complicated.

Another thing is that there must be eight bamboo blocks within a radius of five blocks from each other while in heart mode. They are not exactly domesticated, but they are kept in captivity, which is easy since they do not move, they are exactly yours.

We hope that this guide on How to tame Pandas in Minecraft has served you well.

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