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Guide on How to enchant your weapons in Minecraft Dungeons

Minecraft is well known among all players for its great track record in the past 10 years, thus dominating the Internet. Now with the new Minecraft Dungeons, this great saga seems to have been inspired by the DOTA style, due to the dungeon raster, where it has to reach a certain level and kill the mobs while in the process it takes us the loot.

Something striking about this game is the weapon enchantment technique where you can give the warrior or archer some special power.

How to enchant your weapons in Minecraft Dungeons?

The enchanting points of this game are the progression quiz.

Killing the mobs, completing the levels, conquering the mission lines and leveling up fact that gives you enchantment points that can be spent on upgrading not only your weapons, but also your armor making way for a new addition to the game that is the customization of your armor!
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Level up complete missions, killing mobs, repeating levels and generally progressing through the game.

From the inventory screen the game aims to notify you when you level up and earn enchantment points.

If you want to add enchantment to your "war" items, select the "loot" you want to improve from everything you have collected on your travels and press "Y" or "Triangle" on your controller to see the enchantment options.

Select the enchantment and press the "A" or "X".

Remember every time you level up you will be able to add new enchantments to your team.

There are many improvements that your tastes may need and that is one of the main challenges of Minecraft Dungeons, which allows you to build a class that suits you, your personality.

Now that you know how to enchant your weapons in Minecraft Dungeons, try to spend those enchantment points very well to become powerful in the game.

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