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With the recent Minecraft Earth for sure you have a lot of questions but don't worry! we will help you to evolve in this legendary game.

Players who are adapting to this game again are looking for the basic supplies to survive in the game and among them are the versatile Iron, so if you don't get it, don't worry! we will help you.

How to get Iron in Minecraft Earth?

The first thing you need to have your hand on is a pick that you can build on the crafting table. This recipe is the same as in most versions of Minecraft: two sticks and three resource blocks. In this case, you will need three blocks of cobblestones to make a stone peak.

T-shaped you will place the pavers on top while the sticks on the bottom of the base to finally shape the peak.

Now that you have your pick at hand, it is time to start the real challenge of How to get Iron.

These can be difficult to find where you live, but you should be able to find some nearby on the map. It is recommended to keep your guard up due to the dangers that may arise along the way.
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    Time to dig!

    Now that you've found a suitable spot, you start digging deep into the ground, down to the stone, and a little deeper into the stone to find iron, and sometimes it will be around the bedrock.

    It may take a while for you to find the long-awaited Iron, but don't be discouraged! that these sooner or later seem to appear. Iron blocks look the same as Minecraft, so look for a tin gray stone with light brown markings.

    Once you get the blocks, they are in a raw state, so they refine them in the forge. This action will take some time so you can go do other activities, or keep looking for more iron to keep melting.

    When the furnace process is done, have iron bars for each piece of raw iron you put into the forge.

    With this guide on How to get Iron you can more easily do this activity in Minecraft Earth.

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