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Lidia Rozo
2021-02-01 14:06:33

More about: FIFA 21

FIFA 21 has managed to occupy us regularly, let's see How to Complete TOTY Honorable Mention Grealish

What is the TOTY  Honorable Grealish Mention in FIFA 21?

 This is simply a necessary improvement that this game has managed to include, where it has managed to be an 87 point card, which places it as a good card, getting it to be involved as a full player although with a small setback as it is a weak foot of Three stars, however, boasts an interesting base of 7 and 9 in the stats.

How to Complete TOTY Honorable Mention Grealish in FIFA 21?

 There are some interesting features that we can highlight, and they are the following:

 The magic in the center of the field: it is necessary to consider scoring a goal with a precision shot in a total of 3 different games as long as we use midfielders, of course these must have a minimum of 4 stars in the FUT friendly live on World Beaters, With this we get a player of category 75, in addition to having 300 XP.

 A precise passer: to achieve this objective it is necessary to assist a ball in depth in a total of two different games, for this it is vital to use English players in the FUT live friendly World Beaters, with this we get a gold package in addition to 300 XP.
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The constant score: it is necessary to score in a total of 12 different games, this can be done with Premier League players in the live FUT friendly World Beaters, with this we get an electrum player package in addition to 300 XP.

 Seven Successes: This objective allows us to take care of winning a total of 7 matches in the FUTA friendly on World Beaters live and achieving a premium gold package, in addition to 300 XP.

 Letting it fly: this is another important objective to achieve this honorable mention, for this it will be necessary to score a total of 3 goals outside the FUT friendly which allows us to obtain a package of small electrum players, in addition to 300 XP.

 This honorable mention does not have many requirements, so it is a fairly simple task, because it is only necessary to have a squad where there are at least 3 clubs, because with this we manage to form the ideal eleven that allows us to have the possibility of winning 12 matches or simply reach a total of 7 wins. It should be noted that it is necessary to have a Premier League squad

In this sense, knowing How to Complete TOTY Honorable Mention Grealish allows us to have the possibility of putting together a fantastic team in FIFA 21.

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