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2021-02-01 06:34:15

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Failures are a common element in Warframe and that is why today we stop to tell you how to fix “Network Proxy Detected” Error.

What is the Network Proxy Detected error in Warframe?

It is something common in the game that is related to the connection, security is also a factor that causes this type of failure, so sometimes it must be deactivated to check if it persists, in this sense the orientation to be received in this The guide is focused on How to fix “Network Proxy Detected” Error, so let's move on with the details.
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How to fix “Network Proxy Detected” Error in Warframe?

 There are some possible solutions that we can apply, being necessary that our Firewall be verified in order to know if it blocks the game, with a single restart it can be solved.


  •  We will go to the Windows 10 configuration to deactivate the Proxy on our PC, we enter the network and the internet, proxy and we arrive at the automatic configuration, we automatically detect and deactivate it.
  • In the case of the PS4 to deactivate the Proxy we will go to the settings, network, connect to the network, we choose the type of connection to be LAN or Wifi, we get to custom to add the data of our Wifi if we have it or we simply skip this step to get there to the DHCP hostname do not specify.
  • Doing a restart of our internet connection goes through the fact of disconnection and after a while connect again, running the troubleshooter
  • Being on the PC or console, if we carry out an update and this error appears, it is possible that it is wrong, a fact that leads us to wait for a solution or update patch that ends with this error


 The most logical thing to do is deactivate our security software, antivirus and Firewall for a while and see if the game works normally, being a connection problem applying the solutions mentioned above is ideal, the use of a VPN as well it should be changed once we do the PC or console restart to try to connect.

This is all you need to know about How to Fix “Network Proxy Detected” Error and in this way continue our fun at Warframe.

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