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For all those who still don't know how to tame a Hoglin in Minecraft Nether, we have prepared an article in which we can find everything covered.

What is a Hoglin in Minecraft Nether?

This is a new mob introduced to the game as part of the game's Nether update content, specifically this is the fourth mob derived from a pig. It is hostile and its mobs will attack when they see with a bow arrow and they will also attack Piglins. In addition to being the first hostile mafia that can reproduce as long as you know how to tame a Hoglin.

How to tame a Hoglin in Minecraft Nether?

Those of us who have played know that in Minecraft, you could not breed hostile monsters because they could be hostile and they were dangerous, but now the Hoglins are affected, because in order to tame mobs of this mafia they could receive food with red mushrooms, while to breed they could have Raise two adult hoglins together so they have a baby at Minecraft Nether.
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    Now that you know how to tame a Hoglin you should bear in mind that these appear in Netherwart Forest in red or blue and they release raw meat when they die. It attacks with two fangs upwards and throws the target into the air, dealing damage to one or two hearts.

      This is the end of our article on how to tame a Hoglin in Minecraft Nether, we hope that this has been as useful to you as possible and that you have been able to take full advantage of our tips to tame this new mafia and make the most of it.

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