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Minecraft Dungeons Beta: How to play early

2020-01-16 21:24:06

Want to know how to play early in Minecraft Dungeons? Then you can't miss this section.

 In this new release of Minecraft Dungeons, the action role-playing game, we'll be showing you the information we have about the beta start date of the title, so take a look.

How to play early in Minecraft Dungeons?

Minecraft Dungeons beta start: Unfortunately, there is no exact release date for the beta version of Minecraft yet, as the developers have not revealed that information. What is known so far is that confirmation of closed beta testing is yet to come.

However, the full version of the new Minecraft could be expected by April this year, as announced by Xbox. If this is true, the wait won't be that long and all the fans will be able to enjoy all the new features that this open world title will offer.

Register for Minecraft Dungeons Beta

To do this you must register through the official website of the game and formalize your registration. However, to complete the registration, you must be 18 years of age or older, as this is a requirement for creating a Microsoft account.

 This concludes this section on how to play early in Minecraft Dungeons. We also invite you to stay tuned to our publications for more updates on this topic.

PC, macOS, Linux, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch
Sandbox, survival
Mojang, Xbox, Sony, Nintendo eShop
Mojang, Microsoft Studios, Sony Computer Entertainment
Release date:
18 November 2011
Single-player, multiplayer
age rating:

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