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We welcome you to our Mass Effect Legendary Edition guide where we will talk about How to save Zhu's hope.

What to know about Zhu's hope in Mass Effect Legendary Edition?

We are going to find these in Feros, upon arrival this colony will be under attack by the Geth and we must lend our support, going through the confrontation we come to discover that under the colony a Thorian creature is placed by the ExoGeni company, which infects and corrupts minds, being in the location of this we will see that the minds have been taken and will be defending the Thorian, which will lead us to solve How to save Zhu's hope and in this guide we will see some details that will help us to respect, let's see.

How to save Zhu's hope in Mass Effect Legendary Edition?

Now we will see a series of actions regarding How to save Zhu's hope that are necessary in Mass Effect Legendary Edition and these are the following:
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  • Complete all the missions: it is necessary to complete 4 missions before reaching the central plot, you have to find the Geth in the tunnels, Varren's meat, the energy cells and restore the water, these are secondary missions that they are received by the settlers, which is opportune as they are facing existing threats.
  • Convincing Ethan Jeong to help: in order to solve How to save Zhu's hope, we must consider this member of the ExoGeo company, we will get to know him in a bunker, he will become a key factor to achieve it, he presents himself in a second encounter, after having finished with the Geth ship and the intention to purge the colony is presented by ExoGeni then Jeong has been looking for Shepard's history, according to our choice at the beginning having a score of Paragon or Renegade we can try to convince jeong of that helps the colony, which can help keep it alive, if not successful he will be killed by Shepard, because it is not necessary for him to stay alive.
  • Eliminate the colonists: once what happened in the bunker is over, Lizbeth's mother receives an antithorian grenade that allows the colonists to be knocked out, which avoids having to eliminate them while they are under mental control, it is also possible to use melee attacks, as we move towards the Thorian there are grenades around that we can use in Mass Effect Legendary Edition.
  • Save Shiala: it is an asari that will be being used by the Torian to communicate, once we finish with this we will discover that it is one of the asari commandos that works for Saren, we are presented with the opportunity to kill her or leave her alive, she is able to support the settlers in their progress, anything that has to do with Zhu's hope we can consider, then she must survive.

In conclusion, knowing How to save Zhu's hope is excellent, because we can advance further in this interesting and moving Mass Effect Legendary Edition.

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