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Lidia Rozo
2021-05-17 16:07:42

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BitLife keeps giving us tasks and this makes it convenient to tell you How to complete the Get Around Challenge.

What is the BitLife Get Around Challenge?

  This is an activity that this game has proposed to us where we are allowed to have the possibility of traveling around the world, in this sense, knowing How to complete the Move Challenge offers us the opportunity to meet a number of people, in the same way we get to have some children of different couples, so without further ado keep reading because this gets interesting.
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How to complete the Get Around Challenge in BitLife?

This challenge requires a few simple features before embarking on the task itself.


  •  Being a man or a woman, the truth does not matter much.
  • Have the ability to travel enough.
  • It is favorable to have a good amount of income, this because the truth is that travel and other activities require considerable expenses.
  • Going out with someone with whom we are going to sleep implies having money, it is necessary to sleep with one or some of them before going to the next country, and to check it is only necessary to go to the "Activities" page and locate the love section to go out with someone and if you like to sleep with this person.


 Now, once we take these characteristics into account, it is time to carry out the challenge that consists of:


  •  Having lovers in more than 5 different countries: this is the first task to carry out, for this it is necessary to mobilize ourselves to different countries of the world, fortunately there is no specific one, we have options to choose from, the important thing is to have enough money because these actions they are not cheap.
  • Having more than 3 children in different counters: This is the next action to be taken, there is the possibility that the people with whom we sleep can give us children, in which case this usually occurs when having unprotected sex and to verify that this It has been carried out, it is necessary to wait about a year, if it is affirmative, it is time to mobilize to the next country to carry out the same action.
  • Participate in more than 3 trios: we continue working on this challenge, and it is necessary to have couples who agree, not everyone sees it with good eyes, it is ideal to have a couple that has their madness meter as high as possible, This allows for the possibility of performing this challenge more comfortably.
  • Contracting more than 3 different sexually transmitted diseases: this is not really very pleasant, but they can occur when having sexual relations with several partners and without protection, in case of having one of these diseases, there is a risk that certain couples are not interested in sleeping with us.

 In this sense, knowing How to complete the Get Around Challenge makes us delve into a series of liberal activities in BitLife, try it.

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