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The searches in Mass Effect Legendary Edition continue and this makes it convenient to tell you where to find Liara.

Who is Liara in Mass Effect Legendary Edition?

It is necessary to carry out this search because she is precisely an archaeologist who has the ability to provide us with information related to the reapers, in addition, knowing Where to find Liara allows us to have a girl who tends to be known enough about the proteos, in that sense, It is necessary to embark on a search considering that the last location is in a place in the "Cumulus of Artemis" and here no further information appears.

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Where to find Liara in Mass Effect Legendary Edition?

Finding is necessary and this leads us to go to a planet called "Therum", this is usually located in the "Knosos" system, it is the upper right system of the cluster, and precisely the planet where Liara is the one closest to the star of this system is, in which case, reaching the place requires going to Normandy in order to look for the "Cumulus of Artemis". Now, as soon as we manage to land on this planet we will see that we start in Mako and from there it is necessary to cross a terrain dangerous enough to reach the archaeologist, who by the way, turns out to be a romance option, however, it is necessary to be careful in relation to the decision we make in relation to it.

Carrying out this search for Liara is a mission that allows us to officially become Specter, it should also be noted that there are different dialogues according to the order in which we choose to carry out the respective missions, so that:

  •  Completing the missions in Feros and Noveria before going with Liara allows us to have a different dialogue option, than if we go to Therum first.
  • Completing the Virmire section in the game allows us to tell the fact that things are somewhat different.
  • In any case, Liara will join us and whatever the dialogue, this does not tend to affect anything.

 In this sense, knowing Where to find Liara allows us to have the possibility of embarking on a search mission in Mass Effect Legendary Edition.

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