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2021-05-18 10:49:54

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If you made it to this guide it's because you're wondering how to change Mako controls in Mass Effect Legendary Edition, so pay attention.

What is Mass Effect Legendary Edition about?

This is the new video game of the Mass Effect trilogy, which has been developed by BioWare, Abstraction Games and Blind Squirrel Games and published by Electronic Arts on May 14, 2021. Among the improvements that we will be able to find in this new installment, there is one that will allow us to change Mako's controls, which will allow you to improve the driving experience.

How to change Mako's controls in Mass Effect Legendary Edition?

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The first thing you have to do is to access the aiming control for the Mako in Controls on PC and turn it off to access the classic controls.

Apparently, the option is not yet available for PlayStation and Xbox users, but it is likely to be added in an upcoming game update.

 We hope that now that you know how to change Mako's controls in Mass Effect Legendary Edition, you will be able to improve the driving experience with this vehicle in a remarkable way, and you're driving with it will improve to the maximum.

Mass Effect LE
Microsoft Windows PC, PlayStation 4 PS4, Xbox One
Action role-playing, third-person shooter
Electronic Arts
Unreal Engine 3
Release date:
May 14, 2021
age rating (PEGI):

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