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2020-09-08 10:26:16

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We continue our journey through Marvel’s Avengers and this allows us to fight against bosses, so today we will see How to beat Monica Rappaccini

Who is Monica Rappaccini in Marvel’s Avengers?

  This is one of the most important bosses with which we get in this game that is clearly immersed in a very interesting fight and with many sequences of the game that it is not possible to put aside, because each fight here has an interesting impact to continue in the bell.
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How to beat Monica Rappaccini in Marvel’s Avengers?

 This is one of the most interesting and challenging bosses we can find, to find her it is necessary to embark on the mission Being Alone, but it is necessary to consider that we must be careful and carry out this fight quickly, because on the one hand she will do use of poisonous gas that when we touch this depletes our health, for this fight it is ideal to use the guns to take away some health from a safe distance.

 The first part of the attack can be dominated, but this does not happen all the time and this implies making use of melee attacks, which are usually quite complex, however after half of this combat she usually disappears but appear instead. some drones which it is necessary to eliminate, because knowing how to beat Monica Rappaccini is complex since this is where all the fighting potential really comes in, because we will be forced to dodge the attacks for this we will show off our skills avoiding being overwhelmed.

 Definitely, knowing how to beat Monica Rappaccini is a very careful activity but in the end if we are cautious we will be able to beat her with some peace of mind in Marvel’s Avengers.

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