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Lidia Rozo
2020-08-10 16:22:37

More about: Marvels Avengers

Today we are going to talk to you about a simple task in Marvels Avengers and it is nothing more and nothing less than How to download the beta

To download the beta in Marvels Avengers?

 Well, the idea of ​​this is to be able to finalize the test phase so that it finally passes to the launch of the game itself, because it is no secret to anyone that there is a number of users who choose to pre-order some specific editions of the superhero team game . This beta is intended to have 3 weekends which is quite good since it offers us the possibility of having early access to this game, this is a fairly complex but interesting task, since pre-loading the experience is not so simple, so pay attention because here we give you the steps to follow to know how to download the beta.

There is an interesting aspect to consider, because being a buyer who acquires the game in physical edition offers us the opportunity to access the closed beta, and this simply opens up the opportunity to visit a number of systems and codes to redeem on PS4 and PS4 Pro, as it is not a secret for anyone that players chose to get some interesting cases for their shelves, which allows us to go to Amazon with the sole purpose of achieving our first goal, to know how to download the beta, because this I proceed to preload this same melt week and it is just a fairly simple process.
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How to download the beta on Marvels Avengers?

The first thing that is necessary to consider when buying on Amazon is to have our email associated with the Amazon account, because here we get the beta code after the purchase has been completed, because a purchase made allows us to have this code of Immediate exchange, of course this is not a process that is immediate, since there are those who will take a few hours to receive the mail, however, there are those who say that it is a matter of a couple of days, but the important thing about everything is that it will simply arrive and we can finally have the possibility of early access to Marvels Avengers.

As soon as we have received the email it will be necessary to proceed to copy and go to the Square Enix login, we can enter an existing account, as there are other games that have already counted as a requirement to have an account, however, yes We do not have it, as it will be necessary to proceed to create it, and when we connect we exchange the code, where we will get some details and they are:


  •  Select the platform to which we have made the previous order.
  • In the case of PlayStation it is necessary to consider playing as Spiderman.
  • Then we get another redemption code, because if there is a second code you just have to take it and that's it.
  • We proceed to redeem it in our console or proceed to log in to MyPlayStation to redeem it and the beta is preloaded.


 Knowing how to download the beta is not so complex but it is necessary to follow all the steps to the letter to achieve a clean process, now, redeeming the code in MyPlayStation makes a browser window available for the mere purpose of accessing Square Enix, and with the redeemed code, it will only be necessary to go to our PS4, locate the store and there proceed to select Beta of Marvels Avengers, here we have a problem that leaves us a message “you do not have access to this element because you have not asked previously Marvels Avengers ”.

While it is true to get us with this message when it comes to knowing how to download the beta it can simply be frustrating but do not take it this way, so it will only be necessary to access through the store, since we have redeemed our physical edition code It only remains to go to the games library to locate the Marvel`s Avengers beta there and finally start the download, as this task is fairly complicated but it is worth the effort.

 Now that you know how to download the beta it is only necessary that you join and get it, as it is a feasible task that we can do before Marvels Avengers is finally released.

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