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Lidia Rozo
2020-08-10 16:09:07

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We have made for you a Fall Guys guide where we explain how to dominate in survival rounds, let's see.

Why is it necessary to dominate in survival rounds in Fall Guys?

The first thing we must understand is that here we are around 20 rounds, some allow us to work as a team, however, there are others that make us work alone, and in some way it is necessary to defend ourselves, especially since we are before 3 rounds of survival which manages to generate some tension on the game servers but this in a way awakens a certain particular interest in the players.
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How to dominate the survival rounds in Fall Guys?

There are 3 rounds of survival and it is our task to master them to achieve the objectives set, these are the following:


 Placing ourselves in the different segments of the huge roller is an excellent training option, as this allows us to get out of the convenient flat platform, since being on the roller there is the possibility that some players manage to fall into the holes that they have and thus achieve that they are eliminated, as the roller is not a flat space we will have to keep in constant movement to avoid falling, a minimum carelessness and we will be history.

Jumping Club.

 Although it is true the roller is complex, it is not the only option to know how to dominate in the survival rounds and this means that it will be necessary to avoid being knocked down when all the players are standing on a circular platform, at this point it is necessary to be agile and this implies jumping on the green platform that is only rotating rapidly, our job is to ensure that it does not synchronize with the pink bar because doing so will simply be our end.

Block party.

 Our challenge to survive here leads us to locate ourselves on a platform, the round here will begin with blocks of various shapes and sizes, our job is to get to stand on the gaps in order to avoid being pushed to the edge, it is necessary to be alert as When we manage to jump to a place where a block can come out, a rival may appear to push and spoil all our effort.

 In this sense, knowing how to dominate in the survival rounds is a widely necessary task, since in Fall Guys we find ourselves in an environment where only the strongest survive.

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