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Our Valorant guide allows us to explain how to report hackers, let's see.

Why do hackers appear in Valorant?

  While it is true that this game has had a first phase, the beta before being available to the general public, it is also true that it has had a fairly high number of users, which has undoubtedly generated an interesting experience, but This has also opened the pirates to the so-called hackers, who have been in charge of generating such a stir that there is a need to know how to report hackers, since they usually present us with some eventualities that are not their own. of the game.
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    What are the most common hackers in the Valorant community?

    The developers have taken on the task of hunting down these hackers, since the idea is to ban them, although it is quite a complex task, it is not impossible to execute, because the idea of ​​this is to work together.

    Knowing how to report hackers is simply a fundamental task since they are handled within the framework of illegality, the responsibility of catching them here is simply everyone's, since they can get certain statistics that are out of control and that in one way or another can harm us, because these can have among their characteristics details such as the ability to visualize enemies at a distance, something that is simply not normal here, they have special abilities outside the normal range, these actions can and do must be reported, as the work is in the hands of the developers who will carry out their respective inspections and will choose to give some end to the action that they decide to do with the users that cause this type of eventuality.

     The most common hackers at Valorant are:

    •  Extra Sensory Perception.
    • Wallhack.
    • Aimbot.


     How to report hackers in Valorant?

     At this point it is necessary to use 2 relevant aspects and we will describe them below.

    Finding and reporting hackers becomes a necessary option to enjoy this game and that simply implies that sometimes we have doubts about whether or not a player is a hacker because we are probably not familiar with these issues, Well, we can only see that it has formidable abilities and we want to achieve them, however all this can change when we find ourselves at a point where there seems to be no way out, `for this it is good to consider some of these options in Valorant:

    Choose to report a hacker in an active encounter.

    • The first thing we will do is identify the player and proceed to press Esc, so that it can appear as the marker.
    • Next, it is necessary to hold down Tab as this allows us to see the cursor.
    • Then we proceed to click with the right mouse button on the name of said player.
    • Then we will click on report.
    • We are presented with several available options but we only need to select Trap.
    • Then we press the Report button and that's it.


    Report and report a hacker as soon as a game has concluded.

     Knowing how to report hackers simply turns out to be an easy task to perform, and to do it when a game ends, it is done in this way:


    •  It is necessary to go to the game menu specifically we are located in the Career Section.
    • Then we will choose the game where we have found the suspicious player.
    • We go to the Marker option in order to click with the right mouse button on the name of said player.
    • Next we select the report option that will take us to a series of options, only that we will only select Trap.
    • Finally we proceed to click on Report.


     This is all you need to know about Reporting Hackers, as they just easily leave footprints with abnormal Valorant results which simply gives them away.

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