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2020-08-10 08:59:16

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Errors are one of the most normal details in games and Fall Guys has not gotten rid of them, so today we tell you how to fix error CE-34878-0

What is error CE-34878-0 in Fall Guys?

First of all, we must make it clear that this failure is only occurring on PS4 and it seems to be more common than we thought, because remember that this failure seems to be constant in online console games, it is about some occasional drops while we are in the middle of a game, everything seems to be related merely to a collapse or at least in this way we manage to perceive it, because it is probably because it is a fairly new game and this undoubtedly means that getting it to be stable may take some time, however it does not It is not at all pleasant and this is where the task of knowing How to fix error CE-34878-0 becomes highly important.
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How to fix error CE-34878-0 in Fall Guys?

This error is directly related to PS4 and it seems to be not that complex but it can be quite annoying, since there is nothing more annoying than getting a game to crash in the middle of a game, for some it is only necessary to restart the game, but not all of us have the good fortune to achieve it this way, so we have detailed some solutions that can help you and get you out of these inconveniences.

Use the most current version of PS4 software.

 Sometimes we are presented with this failure because we do not have an updated software version, because in some cases these updates allow us to solve some bugs, in addition to presenting us with some interesting features, making it clear that we know how to fix the error CE-34878- 0 is a necessary task to be able to play Fall Guys and for this it is only necessary:


  •  Exit the game and go to the PlayStation home screen.
  • Next it will be necessary to select the game we were playing.
  • We proceed to press Options.
  • Then we select Search for update, we wait a little until PlayStation gets one and can apply it.
  • Then we will click on the Settings option.
  • We proceed to select the System Software option and wait a bit while the process is completed.

  • Finally we restart our PS4 and that's it.

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