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If you are one of those who wonder how to get elite heroic hives in Marvel's Avengers, this article is perfect because it has you covered.

What is the achievement of the elite heroic hives in Marvel's Avengers?

This is one of the achievements that you can complete in the game, an achievement in which your main task will be to unlock elite heroic hives. This in itself is not as simple as many would like, so we decided to prepare in this article everything you need to know about it to complete the challenge.

How to get Elite Heroic Hives in Marvel's Avengers?

In order to start collecting beehives you will have to complete the entire single player campaign and a lot of different objectives within the multiplayer aspect of the game.

Taking all this into account, the first thing you want to do is access the objectives tab in the main menu> Missions, here you will find all the tasks that you must complete and which are not directly related to the progression of the story.

The missions that are not of interest here are the missions of the Avengers Initiative, the main chain of missions that follows the story and has 9 different steps, each of which corresponds to a different objective that you will have to complete.
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The Elite Heroic Hives is found in the last stage of the chain, Step 9: Avengers Forever. So you will have to complete the "Last Avenger Standing" mission chain where the hives are unlocked.

In step 9 you will have to complete all the challenges in the HARM Room for each character, each iconic Character chain, all faction quest chains. Something like a final multiplayer challenge that you will have to complete after you have completed most of the multiplayer content.

  That's all you have to know about how to get elite heroic hives in Marvel's Avengers, we hope that now that you know it you will be able to complete and get the most out of this challenge now that you have everything you need to complete it and keep moving forward.

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