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It is important to know how to level up the power in Marvel's Avengers, that's why today we will tell you how to do it.

What are the levels in Marvel's Avengers.

The first is the Power level, this is basically an average of all gear parts and artifact scores. While the other level is the hero level, the more traditional level that increases as you gain experience.

Even though they both increase in different ways, if you want to have a powerful character, you will want to level up both. That is why today we will tell you how to level up power and hero easily.
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How to level up the power in Marvel's Avengers.

The first thing you have to know is the power level and the hero level have maximum level limits. The maximum power is 150, while the maximum hero is 50.

If you want to know how to level up the power in Marvel's Avengers you will have to do the following:

  • Complete difficult missions, especially those of the Avengers Initiative with friends or other players. Here you have chances to get the best high power level equipment, which increases the overall power
  • The main artifacts, despite being rare, will be very useful to increase your power level, since they will allow you to achieve a minimum of 1 at your general Power level, as well as other additional benefits and bonuses.
  • Save the safes for later, keep in mind that the loot in the Strongbox increases with your current Power level, so if you wait to open them until you have a power level of 100 you will get a team with a better power level.
  • Buy powerful gear from vendors in the Chimera, which is always crowded with vendors and there is always a chance to find some really powerful gear, so make sure you have enough resources.
  • Boost the gear you already have using booster gear and resources such as Shards, Nanites, Nanotubes, Plasma, and Catalysts to increase the power level of a specific piece of gear by one, although this will also depend on its rarity.

How to level up the power in Marvel's Avengers - Hero.

You already know how to level up the power in Marvel's Avengers but now to raise the hero level you will have to be patient because there is not much to do to speed up this process since the hero level only increases when using that particular superhero, so We recommend you kill enemies and complete as many missions as possible to get XP and level up.

Completing the Avengers Initiative missions with friends will also go a long way, as well as spending skill points.

  Thus ends our guide on how to level up the power in Marvel's Avengers, we hope it has been of the greatest possible use and you have managed to get the most out of it by raising the levels of your favorite characters in the super hero game.

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