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Enter the universe of Lost Ark because today we will tell you Where to find “Pirate King in Waiting” Hidden Story.

What to know about the hidden story of the Pirate King in waiting in Lost Ark?

It is about something that is part of the main mission of Tortoyk, which is for a limited time and that becomes comprised of the 2 areas and some dungeons, once the time limit elapses, each one of the investigation will be restarted again, now to be aware of Where to find the hidden story of the Pirate King in waiting let's see what the following content brings us.

Where to find “Pirate King in Waiting” Hidden Story in waiting in Lost Ark?

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  • The first story: this starts from the steppe of Skyreach in Tortoyk, we need to climb the cliff to reach this place, here there are pirates who appear quickly, we have to investigate them all before their death, we have to find a store with many boxes and a huge network, we have 10 minutes to do it.
  • Second story: this will take us to the western part of the Mokuko village, near the tavern we will see 4 barrels that are under a canopy, the one closest to the door contains the story, we have to investigate it for 30 minutes.
  • Third story: here we must be able to access the pirate lair, only that we do not have access at this moment, which will lead us to solve a main quest until we can access the place, when we manage to enter we have to defeat some monsters quickly, to search the center of the wooden floor, and we will see the place of the investigation.

In this way we finish our Lost Ark guide, now you know Where to find “Pirate King in Waiting” Hidden Story in waiting, just enjoy it to the fullest.

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