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Lost Ark offers us many interesting tasks and in this order of ideas we will tell you how to make cashew Smoothie.

What goes into making a cashew milkshake in Lost Ark?

This is a recipe that is usually included in the Adventurer's Tome and in order to make it, it is necessary to have some berries, in addition to an excessive amount of silver to the point of accumulating the figure of 366,000 silver.

How to make cashew smoothie in Lost Ark?

Our first task is to buy red cashew berries, and this is usually done in the Mokoko village of Tortoyk.
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Puppur will be the one who sells us the cashew berries worth 30,000 silver coins, it is a process that we get by talking to him on the east side of the Whistle Square.

It is possible to press the Exchange next to the price to buy them, and the minimum that we are allowed to buy is 10 red cashew berries.

Trying to make the Fine Cashew Powder can take a while, which leads to having to repeat the process over and over again, it is important to make Supitsu's Coarse Cashew Flour.

It is good to keep in mind that Supitsu is usually in the Mokoko Tavern northeast of the Whistle Square, it is behind the fruit counter and that is where we must go to make the coarse cashew flour, we must have the amount of 400 silver to get it to become fine powder or coarse cashew.

With at least 10 cashew powder and 2 cashew powder, we are allowed to make the cashew smoothie, only this usually has a particular cost of 1,400 silver.

Once we have made the shake we must click with the mouse to use it and this allows us to include it in the Adventurer's Tome.

This is everything you need to know about how to make a cashew smoothie, so it will only be enough to have the necessary amount of silver in Lost Ark.

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