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Angel Marquez
2022-02-22 15:29:07

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Lost Ark is a very busy game and today it takes us to discover how to get pirate coins.

What to know about pirate coins in Lost Ark?

It is something very important, which we will obtain easily, these are required to access Song of Resonance, the missions are the main option we have to find them when completing them, but there are different ways to obtain coins pirates and to have the precise details we have to closely follow the content that is presented below, let's see.

How to get pirate coins in Lost Ark?

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In Lost Ark we have that the best option that will help us in terms of how to obtain pirate coins is by doing the missions that are on the island, they turn out to be common and we can find them on the map of Arkesia, being the islands that give us these coins such as Atropos , Black Fang Lair, Cardle of the Sea Fermata, Liberty Island, Golden Wave Island, Lullaby Island, Peyto and Glacier Island, Fugitive Island, Sublime Island and Kalthertz, in all of them we get as a reward pirate coins by completing missions.

Through the Procyon compass search we have another option to obtain these coins, which is not available at all times, we have to wait for its availability to complete it, due to marine events we have another way to obtain them, we only have to earn coins of travel to exchange them in the Tea and Libra Guild Vessel for the pirate coins, the change is that for 1 Sun coin we have 20 pirate coins, for 1 Ancient coin we get 17 pirate coins, for 1 Sceptrum coin we have 12 pirate coins, for 1 Arcturus coin we have 15 pirate coins and for 1 Gienah coin we have 10 pirate coins, now completing the tasks of Una is the remaining option with which in some cases we will add pirate coins as well.

 This is all there is to know about how to obtain pirate coins, it only remains to apply what you have learned to take advantage of this in Lost Ark.

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