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2022-02-17 07:15:29

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Lost Ark has several bugs, but today we focus on how to Fix Main Story Quests Missing.

Why Fix Main Story Quests Missing in Lost Ark?

Because there are some times where we try to find a main mission and it may not appear, so it is necessary to know how to fix the missing main story missions, although it is true, there are few things we can do, we must be clear that trying does not take anything away from us and that there is also no greater difficulty in doing it, they are perhaps simple fixes that we apply for other failures.

How to Fix Main Story Quests Missing in Lost Ark?

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  • It is possible to restart the game.
  • Choose to uninstall and reinstall the game.
  • Check the game files.
  • Check the status of the server.
  • Make use of an alternate account in the hope that lost missions can be restored.


 In the event that none of these arrangements can be favorable to us, it is necessary to send a ticket to the support team, this so that they can help us solve the problem, in this sense, an agent will contact you, it is good to keep in mind that While this process usually occurs, we must stay connected with the character with whom we are having the problem, this is because fixing it in this way requires a manual process, after that it will take a while for the lost missions to appear.

 This is all we know about how to Fix Main Story Quests Missing, so you can apply some of the fixes or just go for the last option which is by far the most efficient in Lost Ark.

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