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This time we return with a Lost Ark guide with the objective of explaining how to solve delay and latency problems.

What to know about lag and latency issues in Lost Ark?

These can be noticed by different situations that arise while we are playing, being that the characters move randomly or sporadically around the map, that the attacks fall, but the damage or the effects are not recorded, we get stuck by the place even running, disconnections occur suddenly and delays or pisco also very frequently, going through this situation it is ideal that we know how to solve delay and latency problems, for this we have the details of the following content, let's see it.

How to fix lag and latency issues in Lost Ark?

The state of the server is what we are going to check initially in terms of how to solve delay and latency problems, because we will be going through disconnections, we must also review the list of servers, because we have to choose a server close to our location, achieving with This means that the high ping is not reached, apart from this, the configuration that we have in Lost Ark is important, which leads us to the following:
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  • You have to be sure that there are no update downloads, because the bandwidth is lowered in performance.
  • Make sure that the other members of our home are not consuming bandwidth, because they are watching videos or playing online, applications and devices must be out of bandwidth consumption because latency is affected.
  • Using a VPN or Proxy while playing can cause problems, so we should not use any of these.
  • Our system time must be set correctly.
  • The confrontations with the deadly creatures become complicated if we are going through some lag.
  • Using a cable internet connection is the best option to have the greatest possible stability, getting to verify the game files is also necessary, through Steam, closing applications in the background and turning the router off and on.


We hope that the information detailed here on how to fix lag and latency issues has been helpful in getting you back on track in Lost Ark.

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