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With our Lost Ark guide you will learn more about how to fix Error 0PELPWP1F2NT.

What to know about the 0PELPWP1F2NT error in Lost Ark?

This is presented when we look for the login, which we end up being expelled or from the character screen we cannot continue, it only closes and this error is presented, which brings us to Windows, now to understand how to solve the error 0PELPWP1F2NT we have some options that can be of support to us, we just have to pay attention to the content that is going to be presented next, let's see.

How to fix error 0PELPWP1F2NT in Lost Ark?

There are several recommendations to consider to solve this problem, for this we have the following:
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  • Close applications in the background: it is something necessary because our CPU can be overloaded and therefore it presents problems.
  • Use a cable internet connection: seeking greater stability, it is appropriate to change from Wi-Fi to a cable connection.
  • Router restart: having failures in our connection, what we will do first is this.
  • Disable the firewall: it is possible that this game is among the blocked applications, then it is necessary to turn off the firewall or give the game the required permission.
  • Packet loss/buffer test: Our region may be experiencing packet loss, which prompts us to do a connection test to find out.
  • Disable VPN: Having this enabled may cause some apps to not launch.
  • Check game files: There may be corrupted files, so by checking these can be repaired or missing ones recovered.
  • Check server status: it is necessary to be aware of the correct functioning of the server.
  • Server change: changing servers or using a friend account can help us see if the problem is here and solve it.
  • Restarting our system: it is something practically basic, we will do it and try to run the game again.
  • Contact the support service: when we do not reach anything, we only have to contact the game support to receive assistance.

 Now that we know how to fix Error 0PELPWP1F2NT, it only remains to do it to try to return to normal in Lost Ark.

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