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Discover the ultimate guide on How to Open Doors From the Ship With the Terminal in Lethal Company.

In the immersive gaming experience of Lethal Company, teamwork and collaboration are key to unlocking secured doors. As you explore the vast and dangerous moons, being able to open doors efficiently becomes crucial for your progress. In this guide, we will walk you through the step-by-step process of opening doors from the ship using the Terminal.

How to Open Doors From the Ship With the Terminal in Lethal Company

Teamwork and Collaboration

In Lethal Company, opening secured doors requires the cooperation of two players. One player must remain on the ship, while the other stands at the door. This dynamic duo must work together seamlessly to navigate the challenges that lie ahead.

Steps to Open a Door

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 Player on the Ship

To initiate the door-opening process, the player on the ship needs to follow a series of steps on the Terminal.

  • 1. Press E on the keyboard to interact with the Terminal. This action will bring up the main menu.
  • 2. Type "Other" to access additional options specific to opening doors.
  • 3. Select "View Monitor" to see a list of available doors. This feature allows you to assess the situation and choose the desired door to unlock.
  • 4. Identify and select the desired door by typing its corresponding number or name. This will establish a connection with the Terminal at the door.
  • 5. Type "Switch" followed by the username of the player at the door. This command connects the ship Terminal with the player at the door, enabling communication and coordination for the door-opening process.

 Player at the Door

Once the connection between the ship and the player at the door is established, it's time for the player at the door to take action.

  • 1. Wait for instructions from the ship player. Communication is key during this process, so be patient and attentive.
  • 2. Once the ship player gives the go-ahead, press E on the keyboard to interact with the Terminal at the door. This action opens up the Terminal's interface.
  • 3. Pay close attention to the letters that appear as green text on your screen. These letters are crucial for opening the door.

Opening and Closing Doors

With both players actively engaged in the process, opening the door becomes a matter of entering the correct letters into both Terminals.

By ensuring that the letters inputted into the ship Terminal match the ones displayed on the door Terminal, the door will unlock. This synchronization of letters is the key to success.

It's important to note that once a door is opened, you can still close it by reentering the letters into both Terminals. This feature can be useful in preventing monsters and enemies from following you through the door, adding an extra layer of security to your exploration.

Mastering the art of opening doors from the ship using the Terminal is essential for navigating the treacherous moons of Lethal Company. The cooperation and coordination between players enable a smooth and efficient process, ensuring progress and survival.

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