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Unlock the power of networking by mastering the art of How to Invite Friends in Lethal Company.

Looking to play Lethal Company with your friends? Follow these simple steps to invite them and create a fun-filled gaming experience together. In this guide, we'll walk you through the process of inviting friends to your lobby, including some important tips and limitations you should be aware of.

How to Invite Friends in Lethal Company

Creating a Lobby and Starting Your First Shift

Step 1: Launch Lethal Company and create a lobby.

To start inviting friends to play Lethal Company with you, the first step is to launch the game and create a lobby. This will be your virtual space where you and your friends can gather to play together.

Step 2: Begin your first shift in the game.

Once you have created the lobby, it's time to start your first shift in the game. Lethal Company offers various game modes and scenarios, so choose the one that suits your preferences and get ready to embark on an exciting gaming adventure.

Inviting Friends to Your Lobby

Step 1: Press the Tab button to open the main menu.

To invite friends to your lobby, you need to access the main menu. Press the Tab button on your keyboard, and it will open up the menu where you can find various options and settings.

Step 2: Click on "Invite Friends" in the menu.

In the main menu, look for the "Invite Friends" option. Click on it, and a new window or prompt will appear, allowing you to enter the names of the friends you want to invite.

Step 3: Type in the names of your friends individually whom you want to invite.

Once the invite friends window opens, type in the names of your friends individually whom you want to invite. Make sure you enter their exact in-game usernames to ensure they receive the invite correctly.

Accepting Invites and Joining Your Lobby

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Step 1: Inform your friends to be playing Lethal Company and not engaged in another game.

Before sending out invites to your friends, it's important to inform them to be available and not engaged in another game. This will ensure that they receive and can accept your invite promptly.

Step 2: Once invited, they can accept the invite and appear in your lobby.

Once your friends receive the invite, they can accept it and join your lobby. They may need to navigate to the "Invite" section in the main menu, where they can find and accept the invite. Once accepted, they will appear in your lobby, ready to play Lethal Company with you.

Limitations and Best Practices

  • Mid-game restrictions: You cannot invite friends or add players during an ongoing game. It's essential to note that you can only invite friends during the pre-game lobby phase. Once the game has started, you won't be able to invite any additional players.
  • Pre-game invites only: You can only invite friends who accepted the invites before starting the game. To ensure a smooth and uninterrupted gaming experience, make sure all your friends have accepted the invites and joined the lobby before starting the game. Otherwise, they won't be able to join the ongoing session.
  • Maximum players allowed: There is a limit of four players per lobby at once. Lethal Company allows a maximum of four players in a lobby, including the host. Keep this in mind while inviting friends and forming your gaming group.
  • Ideal number of invites: It's best to invite a maximum of three friends at a time for smoother gameplay. While Lethal Company allows up to four players, inviting a maximum of three friends ensures a more manageable and enjoyable gaming experience. This allows for better coordination and communication among players.
  • Dealing with declines or unavailability: If a player declines or is unavailable, you can send an invite to another player until your lobby is full. Sometimes, players may decline the invite for various reasons or may not be available at the moment. In such cases, you can always send an invite to another player until your lobby is full. This ensures that you have a complete team to enjoy the game together.

Now that you have learned how to invite friends in Lethal Company, go ahead and create an exciting gaming session with your buddies. Remember the limitations and best practices mentioned in this guide to ensure a seamless experience. Gather your friends, form a full lobby, and dive into the thrilling world of Lethal Company together! With your friends by your side, you'll have an incredible time battling enemies, completing missions, and conquering the virtual world of Lethal Company. Enjoy the camaraderie, coordination, and sheer fun of playing with your friends, and cherish the memories you create in this immersive gaming experience. Happy gaming!

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