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Discover the secrets on How to Get the Stop Sign in Lethal Company

In the world of Lethal Company, players are constantly on the hunt for powerful weapons to aid them in their battles against hordes of enemies. One such weapon is the Stop Sign, a unique melee offensive weapon. In this guide, we will explore how to obtain the Stop Sign, its uses, selling and trading options, as well as important considerations when wielding it.

How to Get the Stop Sign in Lethal Company

Section 1: Obtaining the Stop Sign

The Stop Sign is not an item that can be purchased at the Terminal like other weapons in Lethal Company. Instead, players must venture into the depths of the Facility, where they can stumble upon it while exploring. It is important to thoroughly search the Facility for salvage and scrap, as these items greatly increase the chances of finding the Stop Sign.

Section 2: Using the Stop Sign

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Once the player has obtained the Stop Sign, they can wield it as a formidable melee weapon. It is essential to note that while the Stop Sign is effective against small and medium-sized enemies, it may not be as effective against larger monsters like the dreaded Eyeless Dogs. To swing the Stop Sign, players simply need to left-click on their mouse, unleashing a powerful blow against their foes or even their friends (be careful!).

Section 3: Selling and Trading

For players looking to trade in the Stop Sign for credits, there is an option to sell it at the Company Building. Located within the game, the Company Building serves as a hub for various activities such as trading, gathering information, and upgrading equipment. Players can navigate their way to the Company Building to sell the Stop Sign and acquire credits that can be used for other purposes.

Section 4: Stamina Considerations

It is important to be aware of the stamina implications when wielding the Stop Sign. The Stop Sign has a weight of 21 pounds, which affects the overall stamina used during general traversal. However, compared to other melee weapons like the Yield Sign, which weighs a hefty 48 pounds, the Stop Sign offers a significant advantage in terms of weight. This means players can carry the Stop Sign without sacrificing too much of their stamina for other activities.

While the Stop Sign may be a lighter option compared to other melee weapons, players should still exercise caution when wielding it. Not all monsters will fall from a few whacks with the Stop Sign, and players should strategize and utilize their skills effectively. Obtaining and effectively using the Stop Sign can be immensely rewarding in Lethal Company's gameplay, as it provides a unique and satisfying way to engage with enemies. So venture into the Facility, search for that salvage and scrap, and equip yourself with the powerful Stop Sign to take on the challenges that await you. Happy hunting!

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