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Discover the secret to obtaining the powerful and How to Get the Loud Horn in Lethal Company.

In the thrilling world of Lethal Company, where players navigate treacherous waters and fierce battles, ship upgrades play a crucial role in survival and success. One such upgrade that can prove to be both useful and entertaining is the Loud Horn. In this guide, we will delve into the details of acquiring and utilizing the Loud Horn, as well as explore its practical uses and compare it to other ship upgrades available in the game.

How to Get the Loud Horn in Lethal Company

Section 1: Acquisition and Cost

To obtain the Loud Horn in Lethal Company, players can head to the Terminal, a centralized hub for ship upgrades and equipment. The Loud Horn is conveniently available for purchase at the Terminal for a reasonable price of 150 credits. This makes it an affordable option for players looking to enhance their ship's capabilities.

To locate the Terminal, players must navigate their ship to the designated Terminal area within the game world. Once there, they can interact with the Terminal interface and browse through the available upgrades. Look for the Loud Horn option and select it to initiate the purchase. Ensure that you have enough credits in your inventory to complete the transaction.

Section 2: Functionality and Practical Uses

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The Loud Horn in Lethal Company is a rope-pulled item that emits a powerful sound outside the ship. It serves multiple practical purposes that can greatly benefit players during their adventures. One of its primary uses is to guide lost teammates back to the ship, especially during low visibility situations. By pulling the rope and activating the Loud Horn, players can create a distinct and recognizable sound that can serve as a beacon, helping their teammates find their way back to safety.

In addition to assisting lost teammates, the Loud Horn can also be used strategically to draw monsters and enemies towards the ship. This can prove advantageous in situations where luring enemies away from certain areas or towards traps can give players a tactical advantage. However, it is important to note that using the Loud Horn solely for pranks or to annoy teammates is discouraged. Respect for others' gameplay experiences is crucial in maintaining a positive and enjoyable gaming environment.

Section 3: Comparison with Other Options

While the Loud Horn has its merits, it is important to consider alternative ship upgrades that may provide better options for distracting enemies. Two such alternatives in Lethal Company are the Boombox and the Radar Booster.

The Boombox, as the name suggests, emits catchy tunes that have the potential to distract enemies and divert their attention away from the ship. Not only does it serve as a useful tool for diversion, but it also adds an element of entertainment to the gameplay. The Radar Booster, on the other hand, enhances the ship's radar capabilities, allowing players to detect enemy movements and plan their strategies accordingly. These alternatives may be more effective in combat situations and provide additional benefits compared to the Loud Horn.

In conclusion, the Loud Horn is a valuable ship upgrade in Lethal Company that can assist players in various scenarios, such as guiding lost teammates and luring enemies towards the ship. However, it is important to note that while the Loud Horn has its uses, there are other ship upgrades like the Boombox and the Radar Booster that may serve as better options for distracting enemies. As players explore the vast world of Lethal Company, they should consider their specific needs and playstyle when choosing ship upgrades. Experimentation and adaptation are key to finding the most effective tools for success. So, whether you decide to acquire the Loud Horn or opt for alternative upgrades, remember to have fun, respect fellow players, and enjoy the thrilling adventures that await in Lethal Company.

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