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Learn the secrets of How To Find the Secret Submarine in Lethal Company our comprehensive website.

In the popular game Lethal Company, there is a secret submarine hidden beneath the Company's base. While the submarine currently serves no defined purpose and does not work in the game, it remains an intriguing discovery for players. This guide will provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to locate this elusive secret submarine.

How To Find the Secret Submarine in Lethal Company

Location of the Secret Submarine

Description of Company Base

The Company base in Lethal Company is a large industrial building that serves as the headquarters for the game's fictional corporation. It is a multi-level structure with various rooms, corridors, and hidden areas.

Underneath the Company Building

To find the secret submarine, you must venture beneath the Company building. This hidden area is not accessible through the main entrances or obvious pathways. It requires a specific path that players need to follow.

Importance of Following a Special Path

Following a special path is crucial because it ensures you don't get lost in the vastness of the Company base. The developers have designed specific triggers and puzzles that must be solved to progress along the path and reach the secret submarine.

Navigating the Path to the Secret Submarine

Leaving the Van in the Building

To begin your journey, you will need to enter the Company building through a side door. Once inside, locate a van parked in one of the corridors. This van will play a crucial role in accessing the hidden area.

Locating a Hatch on the Floor

Near the van, you will find a small hatch on the floor. Open the hatch and descend into a narrow maintenance tunnel beneath the building. This tunnel leads to the hidden area where the secret submarine is located.

Jumping onto the Beam next to the Railing

As you navigate the maintenance tunnel, you will come across a small opening that leads to a larger chamber. In this chamber, there is a beam running parallel to a railing. Jump onto the beam and carefully walk along it.

Walking along the Beam to a Dead End

Continue walking along the beam until you reach a dead end. At this point, you might start to wonder if you are on the right track, but don't worry! There is a hidden switch that needs to be activated to reveal the next part of the path.

Using a Hanging Switch to Turn on Lights

Look for a hanging switch near the dead end. Activate the switch, and the lights in the chamber will turn on, illuminating a hidden passage that was previously concealed. Proceed through this passage to continue your journey.

Understanding Different Versions of the Secret Submarine or Generator

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Nuclear Generator Version

In some versions of Lethal Company, players have reported finding a nuclear generator instead of a submarine. The nuclear generator is a large, futuristic machine that emits a soft hum and has various control panels and gauges. While it doesn't serve any function in the game, its presence adds to the mystery and intrigue.

Submarine Version

In other versions, players have discovered a secret submarine hidden in the depths of the Company's secret area. The submarine is a sleek and futuristic vessel with a streamlined shape and advanced technology. Although it doesn't serve a purpose in the game currently, its existence raises questions about potential future updates and gameplay possibilities.

The Purpose (or Lack Thereof) of the Secret Submarine in Lethal Company

Confirmation that it currently does not work in-game

It's important to note that the secret submarine, regardless of the version found, currently does not serve any specific purpose in Lethal Company. It cannot be interacted with, entered, or utilized in any way. It is merely a hidden element within the game for players to discover and speculate about.

Mention of game files labeling it as a drill (but non-functional)

Some players have delved into the game files and discovered that the secret submarine is labeled as a drill. This finding suggests that the developers may have initially planned to incorporate the submarine as a functioning tool or device, but it was either abandoned or put on hold during the game's development.

Future Possibilities for Powering and Utilizing the Secret Submarine

Speculation about potential future updates by developers

While the secret submarine in Lethal Company may not have any current functionality, there is always the possibility of future updates by the game's developers. These updates could introduce new features, missions, or gameplay mechanics that involve the submarine. As a player, it's exciting to speculate about the potential roles the secret submarine could play in the game's future.

While finding and exploring Lethal Company's secret submarine may not yield any practical benefits at present, it remains an interesting curiosity within the game's world. The thrill of uncovering hidden secrets is something that captivates players, and the secret submarine adds an extra layer of intrigue to the gameplay experience. Follow our outlined path and keep an eye out for future updates that may introduce functionality to this mysterious object.

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