Lidia Rozo
2021-12-02 07:15:03

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Len's Island has many interesting tasks for us, let's see how to earn more gold.

Why win more gold on Len’s Island?

Because this is a highly necessary resource with which various things are usually made, with gold we are allowed to buy shards of iron, buy objects that are vital to progress and in this sense, it is necessary to embark on the search for gold and achieve that we do not needed in no time.

How to earn more gold in Len's Island?

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Our first task is to unblock the city of Bridgewater and for this it is vital to take charge of fixing the stone bridge that is usually located north of the initial cabin.

 In the city we discovered enough NPCs who are usually willing to do business with us, which is interesting because we can sell any resources to these NPCs in exchange for gold, these usually vary according to the resources.

 Breaking barrels is another of the mechanics applied to earn gold, these are usually found scattered all over the world, although it is true they are usually a source of metal, it is good to keep in mind that with some luck we can get some gold pieces from them .

 Another favorable option to get gold turns out to be playing Blackjack, this is usually done against Lucky Pete, here it is necessary to consider that the maximum bet to execute is 10, however, it is good to go for low amounts, such is the case of bet two or three as the maximum cap, especially considering that Lucky usually wins easily and we are not interested in losing everything.

 In this sense, knowing how to earn more gold offers us the opportunity to collect a good amount and thus be able to buy some vital resources in Len's Island.