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2021-12-02 07:04:46

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The action in Len’s Island does not stop, which leads us to tell you how to destroy buildings.

What to know about Len’s Island?

  Knowing the basic commands of the game, which are presented by the game, it is a game to build and survival, in some cases it is necessary to eliminate structures and among this it is ideal to be aware of how to do it in the game. In the case of buildings, to orient ourselves we can follow the following content, let's see it.

How to destroy buildings in Len’s Island?

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What we will do is press F to access editing mode, here we choose the structure that we want to eliminate, so the materials will return with us, being in full construction or exploration it is possible to enter this mode, we can test it with a cabin At the beginning of the game, with this mode you can also make improvements to our structures considering the variants of wood, stone and the ornate ones, certainly the rarest materials are required, which can be useful to prepare against monsters or the evil that may want to destroy our buildings.

  Knowing how to destroy buildings is interesting because it allows us to develop and have more fun in Len’s Island.

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